Cute wolf sound references.

🚨 Assume there are spoilers everywhere. 🚨

I really like the way wolf sounds are written in this book. From various points in the book:





“Wuf. Raroor.”

The Silent Strength of Stones” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

I thought it was interesting that the wolf was getting so many lines. Later, it’s revealed that he is a shapeshifting magic human!

A little bit related to this, here is a pretty quote:

He wrinkled his nose at tuna, then bit the sandwich I gave him and chewed slowly, his eyes closed as though he were listening to the flavor.

The Silent Strength of Stones” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

There is touch (wrinkled, chewed), smell (tuna), sound (chewed, listening), and taste (bit the sandwich, flavor) in this sentence—and sight, by default, especially so because he closes his eyes.

There either were or will be audio episode(s) about this book. I start posts well before they go live… which is why I don’t know the future yet.

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