NEXT 2 U by ego apartment

City with congested streets, with purplish overlay.

🚨 Assume there are spoilers everywhere. 🚨

I am so hooked.

Listening to this, I immediately think of:

  • a city that is walkable (meaning, narrow roads with stuff to actually look at, like individual shops instead of department stores or malls and parking lots)
  • late night but safely lit without being glaring
  • fashionably drunk on some low-alcohol-degree drinks (ex: wine rather than vodka)
  • warm Asian soup-type dishes (ex: udon, honghabtang, stuff like that)
  • rivers (Why? I don’t know. Maybe because it flows? Maybe because on the riverside, there’s wind? Not too hot, not too cold?)
  • distant laughter of people I don’t know

Garhghgh. 🖤

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