Radical scientism.

🚨 Assume there are spoilers everywhere. 🚨

…the fact that it has only been through use of the methods of science and mathematics that any real progress in understanding the behaviour of the world has been achieved.

“Shadows of the mind” by Roger Penrose.

This scientism view sounds radical to me. I think this is probably the most “out there” statement I have read in 2023.

I don’t mean this as a sarcastic comment or a joke. I genuinely mean that this view that “the methods of science and mathematics” are the “only” things that brought “any real progress in understanding the behaviour of the world” is a “fact” is completely radical to me.

Maybe it’s like language. He is fluent in science. And/or math. Maybe, because he understands math equations, he can get understanding out of them.

Still, the word “only” is radical. Perhaps this means he is less fluent in language. The one consisting of letters.

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